Aspen, Colorado - Mini Sessions

Hello my friends!      


This gorgeous state is one state I would love to continue to travel to for work and leisure time.  The mountains, hiking, fresh air, family, friends, and memories are what bring me back to this place to which, I once called, home.  Living in this beautiful state for 6+ years, makes it a bit peculiar to choose Minnesota lake shores over the stunning, mountainous, Colorado backdrop.  However, each state has its own beauty, and Colorado will forever be a place close to my heart.  


Family and children portraits are what I truly enjoy.  As a photographer and documenting memories, it's remarkable to watch a child's personality develop, and this of course, is captured through a lens.  Family. Friends. Neighbors. Mothers. Fathers. Sisters. Brothers.  We all have a place here and I enjoy working as a photographer.  I love what I do, and that is truer than true!  ;) 

Below,  are images I'd love to share with you, which were taken on a recent work trip to Colorado for mini sessions.  Enjoy!




Allison's Bridal Shower

Happy Wednesday!

I am honored to share with you, a few images taken at the Le Meridian Hotel, from a recent bridal shower in Minneapolis, MN.  Allison, is a beautiful bride-to-be and this bridal shower couldn't have been more perfect!  It was a sunny, gorgeous day, and a room full of beautiful shades of spring color, family, and friends.  

I hope you all can enjoy this essence of phenomenal lighting, the top floor of the Le Meridian Hotel offers.  Lighting makes for beautiful images, however, I always say, the subjects make the image, and that of course, is true!  Every subject holds beauty, which show in many ways, and I document their beauty through a lens.  



Heath + Jessica

...Since it has been beautiful, sunny, and warm weather here in Minnesota, I would like to share an engagement session taken in the frigid cold, at the Centennial Lakes Park in Edina, Minnesota!  ;)  

Heath + Jessica.  Their love story began as a blind date, which progressed with spending more time together and turned into something new, something special, and something life-long lasting, an engagement to be married.  Heath and Jessica both love ice skating at the Centennial Lakes Park, the many walks with Jessica's dog Juno, camping, spending time at the Mitchell farm, and of course, nights out for dinner and Jazz with Heath's parents. 

Time passed and they had been dating for nearly two years.  Heath took Jessica out to a lovely dinner at the Nicollet Island Inn followed by a horse-drawn carriage ride.  Afterwards,  along they went, to the St. Paul Hotel (where Heath's parents were engaged) and he proposed to Jessica.  She said yes.  That's it.  The End.

...No, WAIT!!!... to be continued on June 20th, 2015.  (Heath + Jessica's wedding date).