About Anne

Hello there! 
It's Anne, Annie the Nanny, or like my brother says, Abu for short.  I grew up in the wonderful state of Minnesota with my 10 siblings.  Growing up with so many brothers and sisters, it was good to have a sense of humor.  I am so proud of my parents, for they put up with a lot from all of us.  All of that teasing, fighting, and sometimes even biting, ended with a good laugh.  

Things I Love:
Smiles. Laughter. Family. Friends. Chocolate. Pictures. Minnesota. Vintage buildings. Skating. Colorado. Joy. Hiking. Switzerland. Kids. Hockey. Ladybugs. Guitar. Old bikes. Scotland. Humor. Violin. Being me. Singing. Traveling. Inspiration. Starbucks. Doves...(the chocolates) because they have inspiration.  Once, I opened the blue foiled covered chocolate, I not only found a small piece of heaven, but the inspirational quote: "Have no limits today." 

"In my world, photography means capturing the eye. To me, eyes are amazing features; they focus on the little things in life, just as a camera does." -Anne